Deaths: spot the difference

11:37 am - April 8th 2009

by Unity    

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Shoukat Ali, a north London businessman, died from a heart attack after chasing and confronting a thief he saw stealing a radio from his son’s car, police said yesterday.

Initial reports suggested Mr Ali died after being severely beaten by the thief but a post- mortem examination yesterday showed bruises on his body were inconsistent with that.

But the police said they were still treating his death as murder and appealing for witnesses. ‘In the pathologist’s opinion, the heart attack was brought on by the emotional and physical stress of chasing and confronting the thief. Mr Ali did have a recent history of heart disease,’ a spokeswoman said.

The Independent – 20 April 1994

Police have launched a murder enquiry following the death of a 95-year-old man knocked over and pinned down in his own home by burglars.

Ralph Platten was attacked earlier this week by thieves set on searching his home for money.

He was due to undergo an emergency operation on his broken hip yesterday, but police confirmed this morning that he had died in hospital overnight.

EDP 24 – 5 January 2006

A coroner gave a carefully worded verdict into the death of war veteran Ralph Platten today, making sure he recorded a direct link between the vicious attack on the 95-year-old and the day he died.

Norwich coroner William Armstrong made it clear there had been an “unbroken chain of causation” between the day Mr Platten was pinned to the floor by a gang of robbers – suffering a blow to the head and a fractured hip – and his death of a heart attack a day later…

…Recording a narrative verdict, Mr Armstrong said: “Ralph Platten died from a cardiac event following an appropriately performed medical operation which was necessarily carried out as a direct result of his receiving injuries as a consequence of an unlawful assault on him in his home.”

EDP24 – 29 August 2007

A POLICE officer convicted of assaulting a man shortly before he died is set to face a misconduct review.

PC Gary Jay will appear before an Essex Police disciplinary hearing after a failed appeal at Basildon Crown Court Jay assaulted Ronnie O’Reilly and his wife, Moira, at their home in Berkeley Road, Clacton, on July 14, 2007.

Mr O’Reilly collapsed in the kitchen and died of a heart attack on the way to hospital.

Nishan Wijeratne, a spokesman for Essex Police, said: “The incident involving PC Gary Jay is going to be reviewed against police misconduct regulations in order to identify whether any breaches of the code took place.”

Jay, who was based at Clacton at the time of the incident and later transferred to Colchester on desk duties, is suspended from Essex Police pending the internal hearing.

Clacton and Frinton Gazette – 24 March 2009

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Was anyone charged with murder for those 2 examples? If they caught anyone, what were they convicted of?

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    @paulfuller Also how is this assault any different from these where a marder charge was called for ?

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    @paulfuller Also how is this assault any different from these where a marder charge was called for ?

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