Watch: Bloggers summit at CoML

5:35 pm - March 21st 2009

by Sunny Hundal    

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Finally, I offer you the video discussion and presentations from the successful (I thought) bloggers summit at the Convention on Modern Liberty. The team had to upload tons of videos so unfortunately this took longer than expected. I also briefly wrote about the presentations on CIF after the event.

Below is the presentations: by Sam Smith of MySociety, Heather Brooke of Your Right To Know, Ben Goldacre of Bad Science and Phil Booth of No2ID. Then a discussion follows after.

Short talks

The discussion

I’ll try and get them to respond to questions on here if you have any.

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Ben Goldacre was rather funny, as well as perceptive.

Yeah, Ben Goladcre def made everyone laugh a lot.

Was that Iain Dale grabbing a handful of sandwiches and walking past the camera at 2:10?

Thanks Sunny. In relation to liability for user generated content (such as libellous comments), this advice from Pinsent Masons seems reasonable.

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