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Tory AM Brian Coleman triples expense claims – and you’re paying!

5:48 pm - February 26th 2009

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The Tory Troll reports:

[Conservative London Assembly Member] Brian Coleman has almost tripled the amount of expenses he claims from the London Fire Authority, Tory Troll can reveal. The figures released to this blog, show that the man Boris Johnson appointed to chair LFEPA claimed a whopping £2275 in ‘subsistence and travel’ between 1 April and 31 December 2008.

In fact, as information collated from other blogs shows, this isn’t the only sign that Brian Coleman is putting the entire London Assembly to shame though his inflated expenses claims.

Tory Troll adds:

This is almost three times what he claimed between April and December the year before. To put that into context, the other 25 members of LFEPA claimed just £1395 worth of expenses between them over the same period.

The news that Brian Coleman has almost tripled his expense claims comes after Boris Johnson advised Assembly Members to show ‘restraint’ during the recession.

Last month, the Tory Troll highlighted how Conservative Assembly Members had conspired together to award themselves more allowances:

At a meeting of the London Fire and Emergency Planning Authority that he chairs, Coleman voted for an additional £7,564.91 (plus SR allowances) to be paid to authority members who are also on the London Assembly.

Coleman, who already receives £25,612.50 for chairing the authority, was joined in the vote by his fellow Conservative Assembly members Roger Evans and Tony Arbour.

Barnet Council reported last month how minted Brian Coleman was:

No stranger to controversy, Brian Coleman, has launched an astonishing attack on Mayor of London, Boris Johnson.

In front of television cameras and journalists a packed chamber, Coleman today asked a stunned BoJo to explain the cost of his “envoys, or consular generals and ambassadors.” He wanted to know what “added value” his appointments had brought London.

Many taxpayers have similarly been asking what value Brian Coleman brings to London. Let’s look at the facts.

As a member of the GLA, Coleman receives a basic allowance of £50,582

Add to this his Special Responsibility Allowance as Chairman of the London Fire & Emergency Planning Authority (LFEPA) – £25,612.50

Add his basic Barnet Council allowance – £9,735
Add his Barnet Council cabinet allowance – £17,036

Grand Total: £102,965.50 a year
Or £1,980.10 a week – Ker-ching!!!

In fact, the Barnet Eye revealed last year, Brian Coleman has gone on a free dinner extravaganza as a London AM:

I was interested to see that of the 311 entries for all the members, just under a quarter were made by one member. You guessed it – our very own Brian Coleman. Here’s the list and who’s been treating him. For a man on £85,000 a year (paid by us), thats rather a lot of free dinners !!

Both the Taxpayers Alliance and ConservativeHome remain silent on the issue.

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That is some troughing political piggy. Is this a record?

I’m surprised ConHome are remaining silent, they’re usually quite willing to highlight examples of unpopular actions by their own as well as by their opponents under the “Local Government” category. There’s often a lot of criticism by the grass roots if they think money is being wasted.

Brian Coleman (aka Mr Toad) has GOT to go!:



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