Our all-star lineup for the Convention

7:24 pm - February 20th 2009

by Sunny Hundal    

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I’m pleased to announce that the LC/CIF lunchtime event at the Convention on Modern Liberty has an excellent line-up of panellists. Joining me will be:

Phil Booth – National coordinator for the No2ID campaign, Phil has been instrumental in building up the technology infrastructure for the campaign and building its profile online.

Heather Brooke – A journalist and writer living in London, Heather is author of ‘Your Right to Know’ a citizens’ guide to using the Freedom of Information Act and accessing official information. She runs a blog of the same name. Most recently, Heather won a High Court case against the House of Commons for the full disclosure of MPs’ second homes allowances.

Dr Ben Goldacre – The ‘Bad Science’ columnist for the Guardian, who runs a blog of the same name, needs little introduction.

I’m just trying to confirm one last panelist, hopefully from My Society. The event isn’t aimed merely at bloggers but campaigners and activists of all stripes who want to know more about how we can use technology to prise open Westminster and protect our civil liberties (or for other means, if you so wish).
Now, what questions would you ask these panelists? I’ll pick the best ones for the convention if you can’t attend.
Update: I’ve just heard they’ve sold over 1,200 tickets! Jesus.

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Reader comments

Isee Mr. Dale has picked up Aaron`s piece and your Lloyds gaff as well….

Who’s this Goldacre guy?

Sounds like a bit of a square to me…

Heh. If I had time to waste newmania, I’d explain myself to you or Iain. But I don’t. If you guys want to ignore the point I’m making and conjure up a “gaffe”, then so be it… it’s no skin off my back.

4. douglas clark



You are being satirical again, aren’t you?

Just in case anyone doesn’t know who he is – and you do young Benjamin – your namesake (oh well, half your namesake) – is one of the best anti woo bloggers on this side of the Atlantic Ocean.

And probably worth the admission price on his own.

So there.

5. douglas clark


The serious question is how does this – what we do here, what we say here – feed into politics generally?

It is all very well for thee and me to agree on most things, but if it does not at least effect decision making it is a waste of time. It seems to me that that is the log jam.

How would your panel see that cross-over developing?

Correction as the source responsible. We have sold over 1,000 tickets not 1,200 but there are more than 1,200 confirmed participants including speakers, stewards, partners and hangers on.
There are also now seven out of London meetings as Birmingham has bounced back. I hope a lot of the Convention will be about what do we do to stop the database state and…. then…

Sunny, an excellent panel. I think it’s very important to connect blogging with the wider world of e-campaigning and political campaigning.

As I think someone else has suggested, a focus on how blogging and e-campaigning actually fits into the political process and influences (or doesn’t influence) outcomes would be very useful.

I was going to suggest you invite Duane Raymond from Fairsay (http://fairsay.com/) but I guess you’ve got your panel sorted now. Anyway, he’s done some interesting stuff on e-campaigning and has also done some research on how MPs are influenced by it.

Worth looking into.

thanks Graham – will definitely look into that project.

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