Support Pamela and her two daughters against deportation

9:12 am - February 8th 2009

by stroppybird    

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Pamela Izevbekhai and her two daughters are under threat of deportation by the Irish government. They fled Nigeria after another daughter died following female genital mutilation and Pamela’s husband’s family planned to forcibly mutilate her remaining two girls. The husband remains in Nigeria but supports his wife and does not want his daughters cut.

Check out ‘Let them stay‘ for how you can support this family .

Below is a you tube telling the families story. Pamela explains the process of FGM and how she tried to get help for her daughter who bled to death after being butchered, all in the name of controlling women’s sexuality.

hat tip F Word

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Reader comments

What an appauling story and sadly still so common. I can’t believe that not granting asylum in Eire is even a matter for debate. I will of course do what little I can to add to the pressure to allow her to stay.

FGM is happily outlawed in UK and other ‘civilised’ nations but I must point out that it is still legal to mutilate young boys by cutting off their foreskins. Incredible I know but true.

Is there a Facebook group I could join to support this case? If not, something to think about. It worked for the Southall Black Sisters!

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