5:53 pm - November 21st 2008

by Unity    

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Perfection. Via qwghlm.

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Reader comments

Yeah it’s funny but this thing has been done to death now with that video….

What Leon said. It was being discussed and I thought ruled out as worth doing on Twitter Wednesday. Ah well, nowt if not predictable.

I usually hate those Downfall rip-offs but that one made me chuckle I must admit.

…That’s just superb 🙂


That is pure genius!

“I should have joined UKIP instead” – ha ha!

Christ, not LC as well. This shitty little bandwagon rolled about a year ago.

Satire at its best!

9. Col. Richard Hindrance (Mrs)

Nope, it depicts Hitler as Hitler. Quite early on, Adolf slags off Griffin as a “fat fuck” who “can’t run a fucking bath.”

Very good.

And can all the boring “ohhh, pleeeasseee. This is sooo last year,” types all fuck off to their trendy leet forums and leave the rest of us alone. Funny is funny, and fashion is bullshit.


I hadn’t seen it before, or seen any downfall rip-offs.

But then I don’t do l33t speak, either.

I thought it was very funny.

Oh, for a Downfall ripoff, it’s rather good. And quite funny. For a Downfall ripoff.

I’d put it in the top 5 that I’ve seen, definitely. But, y’know, I’ve seen enough now.

It’s funny, but it’s also the point where the genre eats itself: a Downfall parody that has Hitler as ‘Hitler’ (if you see what I mean).

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