Richard Barnbrook and a joint conspiracy of silence

1:53 pm - November 18th 2008

by Adam Bienkov    

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You may not have noticed, but Richard Barnbrook is now the country’s most electorally successful Nazi politician. I say you may not have noticed, because as far as the press is concerned he no longer seems to exist.

There was a minor outrage after he was elected and an even more minor outrage when he was allowed a blog on the Telegraph Website (clue: everybody is).

But since May there has been nothing, zero, zilch. Type his name into a Google News and you will get very little in return. But in the alternate universe that is the BNP blogosphere, Barnbrook is the stuff of legend. I mean literally. Take this story which has been doing the rounds over there for some weeks:

“Tories, Labour, Lib-Dems, Greens and other Tweedle-Dee Tweedle-Dum parties on the Greater London Assembly were all shocked last week when the only GLA member to oppose their motion on granting amnesty to illegal immigrants was the BNP’s Richard Barnbrook.”

The story had it all. The brave fearless white knight fighting for the white rights and the cowardly liblabcon betraying the masses once again.

The story had it all. It just wasn’t true:

The problem is that in the absence of any mainstream press coverage, fantasy has taken the place of reality and the berk-in-brown has become a knight in shining silver.

Worse still, the Assembly and Mayor have done their best to ignore the man. Take this clip from Mayor’s Question Time last week:

Picking up the theme he has pushed for months, that the ‘white minority’ in London are neglected in favour of the ‘ethnic majority’, Barnbrook is left almost entirely unchallenged by the Mayor.

Boris’s tactic, to ignore, in fact not even to look at the man, is an understandable one. To anyone who has been watching him for the past six months, it is clear that Barnbrook is little more than a joke.

For all his bravado, Barnbrook has little real powers or following in the capital. His BNP entourage present for his first month or so of Assembly meetings has dwindled to almost nothing and his only real attempt to mobilise Londoners was a humiliating failure.

However, in April the Times reported that Barnbrook’s election would:

“be the biggest prize the extremist Right has ever won in British politics,” says Tony Travers, a local government expert at the London School of Economics. There are no neo-fascists on the councils of Berlin, Paris or New York, he adds. “For London to end up with such a thing would be an embarrassment and difficult to explain away.”

But rather than explain it away, the mainstream media and the Mayor have sought to pretend it hasn’t happened. If we just don’t mention him then he might just go away.

But if the BNP’s flagship politician is given a free pass by the press and politicians, then it will be left to the BNP to invent their own record and to design their own future.

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Reader comments

Margaret Hodge in Barking also said that immigrants got preferential treatment on the housing list. Hazel Blears has muttered darkly about how its difficult for people to see their town change out of all recognition in a generation .Brown of course had his silly lie about British jobs for the British. Immigration numbers are starting to rocket up again and according to government figures of the 3,00,000 new homes needed in the 2,000,000 will be occupied by immigrants yet to arrive .
In many London Boroughs the proportion of children in the educational system who speak English only as a second language is way above 50% and the Liberals who sneer at public concern remove their own children far far away.
The prominence of such a ridiculous figure is a direct result of the irresponsible and arrogant lies told about immigration for years and the efforts of certain people to close down the subject by equating it as racism ..
We must cap immigration to restore trust and reassure the English that their tolerance is not simply being abused by those who detest them and their country . Do that and this pantomime figure will disappear

He is your fault

‘He is your fault’

Who are you talking to Newmania, or shouldn’t I ask?

“In many London Boroughs the proportion of children in the educational system who speak English only as a second language is way above 50% and the Liberals who sneer at public concern remove their own children far far away.”

Hmm. Given that the kids who perform by far the worse out of all groups on both academic results and poor behaviour are white working class boys, the presence of better-behaved and cleverer immigrant children is almost certainly a positive rather than a negative for their education…

Adam – He is your fault as a Liberal which is antipathetic to any concept of nation and hence immigration control.

Oh quite John handling 8 languages in circumstances where you need all your resources for looking after the problems you have already is a sure fire recipe for success . You re right about white working class boys shading those of Caribbean origin as the worst , although there’s not a lot in it .Still makes you wonder why the GLA under Ken was always chucking cash at Black only projects .Are you suggesting that our toy Hilter has a point , are you saying that it is unfair to whites who are actually the most deprived ?


Odd how rarely one hears of the adoption by working class whites of a Asian youth culture . Considering the glamour of being lead around by your mother until you are thirty five year old podgy accountant or IT geek it defies rational explanation ….

Oh lord, it looks like newmania the troll has taken to spending most of his time here instead of making people on other blogs cry.
newmania – why not go back to Iain Dale’s blog and just spend time there amongst fellow travellers? Its less painful for everyone involved.

I’m not sure that there’s much point in highlighting the BNP’s position of power and giving them press coverage outside of election time. There are always going to be a proportion of people who agree with figures like Barnbrook and his crusade to export immigrants and no amount of logical argument will win those people because they’re too locked into dehumanisation. Why give them an excuse to flock to the cause when there is only one moral argument you can have with their figureheads? It must be incredibly boring to have to talk to this man about issues when you know he’s so ignorant and for once I can’t blame Boris Johnson for his response.

Nina – Barnbrook isn’t really in a position of power as such. The London Assembly members really only have a scrutiny role. However, what he does have is a position of prominence. He is their most senior politician and he also happens to be something of a moron. It is a great opportunity for the other parties to show the BNP representatives up for what they are.

As I said Boris’s response is understandable, but I don’t think it is effective. Barnbrook is there like it or not for the next four years and there is a chance that he could be joined by another BNP representative after that. It is one thing to ignore the BNP when they aren’t getting anywhere, it is quite another when they are making the kinds of inroads in London that they are now. All publicity is not good publicity and the BNP should be exposed to effective scrutiny, both of their policies and of their methods.

Snny= BNP


I feel I ought to stick up for Newmania slightly (much as I know this an unpopular thing to do, but bear with me).

I think Newmania starts out ok with fair sentiments, but takes the wrong reactionary turning which sends him off into hyperspace… so to paraphrase:

“The prominence of such a ridiculous figure is a direct result of the failings of governmental policy.”

“The arrogance and irresponsible behaviour of officials has been created by a culture of ‘us and them’ which has lead to growing disillusion and a less informed standard of debate.”

Newmania’s prominence here is a direct result of our failure to reach out to him, to make our case and make some of our ideas rub off on him – if we cannot engage him constructively then we are just as arrogant and irresponsible as the officialdom which fails to act until it is too late.

Newmania expresses the same frustration which got Barnbrook elected, and our exclusion of either of them will not neutralise that frustration or channel it into positive or productive directions.

Newmania’s dogmatic conservative prescription of a cap on immigration is artificial and impractical, but he is nevertheless correct to say that trust and reassurance is required because this government’s failure in this policy area threatens to spill over into greater confusion and violence.

I’m not sure Newmania would appreciate the comparison but it is certainly an interesting one. Maybe deep down Barnbook and Newmania just want to be loved 😉

As idiotic as you think this man is, I believe that there is a significant proportion of the UK who agree with him. When his fears and thoughts are not considered and the mayor cannot answer his question, then it means that they are not being heard either. In turn, they will just elect more like him so they have a bigger vote and more say while they still believe they are in the majority.

Making fun of him is not the answer.

PS Sunny whats the point of having a blog forum when everybody thinks the same? And calling someone a troll because they disagree with you – How old are you? (and I hate ad hominum attacks!)

‘Making fun of him is not the answer’

I think it’s part of it. It is possible to both play the man and the ball. The concerns of BNP voters do need to be met, but people don’t just elect parties because of their policies but because of the people who represent them. Barnbrook was mostly elected by people who (I’m guessing) won’t have seen him in action. Doesn’t it make sense to show people who they’ve got for their vote.

Thomas ” Newmania’s prominence here is a direct result of our failure to reach out to him, to make our case and make some of our ideas rub off on him – ”

No Thomas,

(Newmania’s prominence here is a direct result of )……him being a moronic, brown shirt troll, who comes on here to stir up trouble, and throw his shit at us.

if we are correct then we should be able to convert him…

I don’t want to convert him, I just want him to fuck off back to the swamp he came from.

Trolls don’t come to debate, or learn. They come to stir up trouble.

Tsk tsk such dreadful intolerance I am quite upset . The BNP is not a problem for the Conservative party. It is for the Labour ( it is the second choice vote for up to 30% of Labour voters ). Neither is racism a white problem as a focus on the BNP would imply . (In 1997 a study for the Institute for Public Policy Research showed that32% of Hindu’s , Muslims and Sikhs and 29% of Jews would be repelled if a member of their family married an Afro-Caribbean , whereas only 13% of white Britons said they would have a problem.)(From How the Liberals Lost their Way by Nick Cohen )

Immigration was also (until recently) the top worry in the country and only the exclusively bourgeois Liberals could afford to ignore it . The Conservative Party takes a the view that free movement is important economically and morally It balances that with the views of the people of the country who are overwhelmingly communitarian as evidenced by incomprehension of “Human Rights “ . It is well known that the scale of influx has been out of control ( x 4 since 97). I am saying that had a responsible attitude been shown over the last ten years then there would be no BNP and a happier life for all of us not to say a better development of the real economy .

It is not a question of converting it is question of listening and understanding what a Nation is and avoiding the immoderate presumption that one little group of people knows better than the rest. A country is an arbitrary patch of land to some but a home an inheritance to others who feel their views have been shouted down and ignored .
A cap on immigration is the first step a moderation the blind attachment to multiculturalism another and sensitivity on black only hand outs and projects when in as John points out it is the white working class of |London who are at the bottom of the pile.

Hmmm… I was going to comment on how I disagreed with Adam, but having seen that YouTube video, I have to concede that he has a point. It is one thing for the media to ignore him – I’m not convinced that is a particularly bad strategy and it certainly didn’t work in the favour of our more cuddly poujadist GLAMs from One London. But if Barnbook makes an idiotic argument, as he does in this clip, simply refusing to address the argument rather than tearing it into little strips looks absolutely terrible.

When I see that video I see a moron making a dumb argument and the Chair and Mayor unaccountably cowering away from him. If I was a prospective BNP-supporter I suspect the message I would have got from that video would have been that the Mayor has no argument against Barnbrook.

if you wish to push the idea of a cap on immigration, are you also going to push the idea of a cap on emigration? Second homes on the med – how unpatriotic!

Thomas – you have a house do you not ,is anyone free to leave it ?Lets say they probably are . Does that mean anyone can come in with or without your permission and are these subjects related?

Got it ?

Newmaia is a bigger idiot than I thought.

He can’t see the hypocrisy of the rights anti immigration policy, and all the right wing papers like the Torygraph/Mail and their property sections encouraging British people to go and buy up Spain, France, Italy, East Europe etc etc. No Poles here please, but we can buy their houses nice and cheap.

As usual with the Rightwing, it is immigration for me, but not for thee.

A good rule of thumb is to think of what your enemy wants, and do the opposite.

Do you think Barnbrook wants more publicity or less?

Oh I’m sure Barnbrook wants as much publicity as he can get. I would just rather that at the end of his term this kind of publicity outweighs this kind.

woop, go Barnbrook!

We need equality in Britain. Shame the British Whites aint equal.

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