McCain campaign ‘is over’ says Fox News VP

9:43 pm - October 25th 2008

by MatGB    

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McCain supporter Ashley Todd after supposed 'attack'Yesterday, news began to emerge that a worker on the McCain campaign had been the victim of an apparently brutal assault. As details became apparant, the facts simply didn’t stack up. Most importantly, the letter ‘B’ apparently carved into her face by the supposed Obama supporting black assailant was reversed, as if it had been done in a mirror. As this was emerging, John Moody, Executive Vice-President of Fox news, said:

If the incident turns out to be a hoax, Senator McCain’s quest for the presidency is over, forever linked to race-baiting.
(my emphasis)

The story began to gain widespread traction, especially after being broadcast on a McCain/Palin supporting site called Sarah’s Army (post now removed), it was then picked up by The Drudge Report (buggered if I can navigate that site to find the story) and investigated fully by sites such as Huffington Post and then into print media such as a slightly sceptical Telegraph.

Today, the campaign worker in question has admitted it was a fake story, bringing Mr Moody’s prediction into play. Given that both 538 and Electoral Vote are both predicting an Obama landslide, is this finally the moment when the Republican supporting media will finally admit McCain’s done for?

Will Ms Todd be used as a convenient scapegoat, will they blame McCain for being ‘too moderate’ or will the palpable anti-science incompetence of Sarah Palin be accepted?

Or will the Republicans, like the post ’97 Conservatives over here, be unable to understand the depths of their own failure and be condemned to decades of opposition as they refuse to understand the way modern America is truly rejecting their extremist positioning?

ETA: Morus has more at Political Betting along a similar line, asking Who will get the blame in the GOP?

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Mat Bowles is an occasional contributor to Liberal Conspiracy. He's mostly a house-husband working part-time at a local school, and is based in Calderdale, Yorkshire. A member of the Liberal Democrats, he is 35 and lives with Jennie Rigg. His general interest blog is currently hosted on Dreamwidth and his old political blog is at Not Little England.
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Reader comments

Wow…all I can say is holy shit, they have got some crazies.

It would be a perfect opportunity for the GOP to strike a line under their past now, to accept the hit they’re going to take and to mark this as a new drive for pursuing equality and diversity without prejudice. However I can’t help but see this woman scapegoated and the party using the Bush effect to blinker themselves.

Republicans hate Obama, Democrats hate McCain, but they’re all united in their hatred for Ashley “B” Todd. Seriously, as soon as she gets out of jail she needs to emigrate… although not to Africa for obvious reasons.

3. douglas clark


This is the first US election I have taken a, frankly unhealthy, interest in.

I do not think that Ms Todd is a ‘turning point’ in this election. Though she may well be a cypher for the desperation that committed Republicans feel. Life’s a bitch.

There have been numerous attempts by both sides to land a knock out punch.

McCain, or surrogates, on Obama:

Muslim, etc, etc…

Obama, or surrogates, on McCain:

VP pick, etc, etc…

None of that has worked.

You and I may know that Sarah Palin is a complete scientific idiot, indeed quite a lot of Americans know that too, but her base thinks research on fruit flies is a laugh and a joke. For an angry Americans’ view of that idiocy, look here:

What has done for the McCain campaign, in my opinion, has been their dripping negativity. To be clear, the more folk saw of Barak Obama, the less likely a Palinesque charge of ‘palling about with terrorists’ was likely to do anything other than boomerang right back at yah. “Wink”

And their campaign has been caught between the apparent sincerity of John McCain at the charity fundraiser:

and this sort of shit:

There seems to me to be no difference between what Obama says he is and what he would actually say to your face. Whereas McCain seems to fall into another camp altogether. It is that which more or less guarantees Obama a landslide.

“It would be a perfect opportunity for the GOP to strike a line under their past now”

But who will do this with genuine conviction? Strategists and the like may say it is a must but who will provide the substantive impetus behind such a move. I would like to know.

As i said, I don’t know if I see it happening

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