Northern Ireland women on Northern Ireland and abortion

8:15 am - October 13th 2008

by Kate Belgrave    

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Before Sunny went to the USA, he and I created a Liberal Conspiracy photo gallery for photo articles and essays on some of the people and issues we’re covering at LC.

I’ve used it to post a collection of pictures of and quotes from some of the Northern Ireland women who are campaigning to have abortion rights extended to Northern Ireland when parliament votes on Abortion Act amendments at the report stage of the Human Fertilisation and Embryology Bill. The women speak for themselves, which is surely at least as good as me ranting.

You’ll see that they are concerned that the great Gordon Brown has already done for their chances of a Yes vote by agreeing to an anti abortion deal with the Demoractic Unionists in exchange for the DUP’s support on 42 days’ detention.

They also talk about the role they expect Westminster to play in Northern Ireland, and about their disappointment in Stormont.

The gallery sits on my hangbitch site at the moment, and with a variety of logos, because we didn’t manage to integrate the gallery at LC before Sunny left. We’ll sort that out when he gets back.

I’ve also added audios of all the speakers at last week’s pro choice lobby at parliament.

Link to Northern Ireland photo gallery.

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Kate Belgrave is a regular contributor to Liberal Conspiracy. She is a New Zealander who moved to the UK eight years ago. She was a columnist and journalist at the New Zealand Herald and is now a web editor. She writes on issues like public sector cuts, workplace disputes and related topics. She is also interested in abortion rights, and finding fault with religion. Also at: and @hangbitch
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Reader comments

A photo gallery for Liberal Conspiracy is a great idea, but Sunny wasn’t in the USA. He was in Asia. Until yesterday.

I’d stay in Asia if I was him. He’ll have to walk home from the States at this rate.

Nobody told me that he actually went to the USA practically straight from Asia- until now. Sorry!

My own view is that an organization (UVF) that tortured Catholic women to death should not be associatied even indirectly or by political affiliate to any type of alleged ‘feminism’.

“The gang killed four Catholics during a robbery in October 1975. Over the next few months Murphy and his accomplices began to abduct, torture and murder random Catholics they dragged off the streets late at night, Murphy hacking each victim’s throats open with a butcher’s knife. They killed three Catholic men in this manner.[4] None of the victims had any connection to the IRA or any other republican group”

The PUP have that sorry baggage, they are also pro-brothel, which is convenient because their paramilitary wing, is involved in prostitution.

“Why do you not split with these paramilitary organisations?

“The Progressive Unionist Party have debated this issue at length, as it is clear from political polls that the link between the PUP and UVF/RHC has been at times an electoral liability. However the vast majority of PUP members have concluded that for the good of Northern Ireland it is our responsibility to provide political analyses to that constituency.”‘

‘Meanwhile, the UVF has set up its own ‘inquiry’ into Lisa’s disappearance, which is running in parallel with the official police investigation. In a macabre twist to the tragedy, and apparently without irony, the UVF has appointed convicted murderer Samuel Cooke to head its ‘investigation’. He was one of five loyalists jailed in 1994 for the sectarian murder of 26-year-old Catholic mother Anne Marie Smyth in 1992. Her killers strangled her and cut her throat, after she was lured to a party in east Belfast by a group of UVF men drinking in a local loyalist social club.”

The thing about the English feminists, is a general lack of irony.


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