Talk-Radio meltdown

1:41 pm - September 26th 2008

by Aaron Murin-Heath    

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You’re going to love this…

Blowhard and Fox News star Bill O’Reilly loses it live on his talk-radio show, turning against his fellow conservative colleagues with a “populist” rant on the financial crisis ::

The response came in the shape of another talk-radio hack, Mark Levin – who really goes to town on O’Reilly’s ass, bringing up one of his many misdemeanours and slating his shoddy ratings, finally claiming that Bill-O’ The Clown is “jealous as hell of Rush Limbaugh”. Glorious stuff ::

Could this be the first salvo in a civil war between O’Reilly and the conservative hackery? If so, it’s going to be a hell of a lot of fun.

via. Political Byline

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Reader comments

“… populist rant on the financial crisis”

What are you talking about Aaron Heath? What exactly is there to disagree with in Bill O’Reilly’s “rant”? I’d say he’s spot on.

I never said I agree or disagree with him. Levin referred to him a populist – I should have put in air-quotes.

However, it is a rant in support of a massive government bailout of a failed system. Tax-payers saving the skin of Wall St. I’m not sure it sits easy with me.

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