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11:33 pm - September 17th 2008

by Unity    

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Of all the futile exercises I’ve seen in recent years, this latest wizard wheeze from the Beeb’s Newsnight takes the biscuit…

Newsnight wants you to help decide the UK’s greatest and worst post-war prime minister. Find out more about the 12 PMs below, then use the form to rank them in order of greatness.

Oh FFS… okay, let’s get this out of the way before it starts and expose the utter predictability of the whole thing.

1. It’ll turn out to be a straight ‘fight’ between Thatcher and Attlee for the top spot, with Con Home and Tory bloggers pumping Thatch and Labour bloggers pumping Attlee.

2. Churchill will get a lot of votes from people who’re basically too stupid to understand what ‘post-war’ means.

3. Gordon Brown will come bottom because just about everyone who isn’t on his friends and family phone bill will stick in him in the bottom spot in order to heap as much embarrassment on him as possible, and…

4. It’s an even money bet as to whether it’ll be Iain Dale, Guido or Mike Rouse who’ll be first to publish a blog post speculating on the possibility of Brown finishing below Anthony ‘Suez’ Eden and Alec Douglas-Home and what this might say about his prospects of surviving as PM until Christmas.


I’m not even going to link to this crap – it’s on the Newsnight website, find it yourself…

…and for everyone else, here’s a reminder of what the Beeb’s politics coverage can be like at its best…

And as Larry Teabag was kind enough to ask, have another musical interlude from Cheech and Chong…

We aim to please…

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Reader comments

Charles Watson-Wentworth will get my vote. Not only has he had the best name, but he was the Marquess of Rockingham – a superbly titled place.


Quite clearly the greatest PM post-war is John Major. Oh yes.

@ Ben – and his XI were superb.

Churchill was a post-war PM, 1951-55. Unless I’m too stupid to understand which war you mean.

I am deeply honoured to be named in this blog post.

As Andrew has already pointed out, Churchill goverened the UK several years after WW2. But I concede, no one thinks he was much good second time round.

Andrew – my point is simple – as Al notes, Churchill’s record as PM between ’51-’55 was less than stellar, but he’ll still pull votes for being PM during the war.

Mike: Cheer up, at least you got a namecheck as a recognition of the fact that you know your punters…

So what do you reckon?

‘Unscientific’ BBC website poll that’s bound to draw the vote early, vote often crowd and there’s at least one previous poll where Attlee ran Thatch pretty close…

Thatch at 6-4 on, maybe 2-1 on if Con Home and Dale pile in, Attlee at 2-1 against but will shorten a little if its looks like the Labour blogs start to organise and 5-1 the rest of the field?

Unity: apologies if I sounded sore. I genuinely am delighted.

That’s okay Mike, I’m just ribbing you for being the first blogger I’ve seen pile in a reference to the Night of the Long Knives…


I figure that anyone who’ll run with that one will bet on just about anything knocking Gordon of his perch….

LOL… A bit of a tenuous link wasn’t it? … and you’re probably right.

Unity, you missed one predictable prediction out – that if Attlee wins, Conservative bloggers will say it’s a left-wing BBC conspiracy….

I’ll forestall that by saying it’s a right-wing BBC conspiracy – they know Brown won’t do well and they’re deliberately creating a story to continue the momentum of the “Brown & Labour doomed” narrative. This totally undermines the impartiality of the BBC.

So what will the Blairites do to ensure he finishes above Brown? Or will the Brownites ensure their man finishes above Blair?

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