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Spotting Sexism: A brief service announcement

10:21 am - September 8th 2008

by Jess McCabe    

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This is just a brief post to tell you about a project that has been cooking up over the summer.

This October, a new series of feminist workshops is going to launch – I’ve been working on this project, along with zohra moosa (you can read about us here).

Spotting Sexism will be a four-week workshop for a small group, on feminism and how it applies to our lives. You can read more about it here, along with information on how to sign up.

It will involve:

  • Weekly 2-hour phone-based sessions
  • Facilitated conversations on key topics, such as: unpicking the sexism in our daily lives & in the media, how sexism affects different groups of women, and how to become a feminist activist
  • Guest speakers
  • A safe space to ask difficult questions, where it’s OK to make mistakes or just not quite understand some of the feminist jargon out there
  • Activities tailored to help draw out your knowledge and experiences
  • A private online community forum, just for participants
  • Extra resources, reading lists and ideas for taking what we discover further…
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About the author
Jess is editor of the online magazine The F-Word.
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Reader comments

Sounds cool!

I might come along – sounds like a barrel of laughs….

Are men allowed?

Given some of the comments in this place it sounds like it’s sorely needed.

@septicisle – yes, it’s open to all

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