McCain: ‘Off-balance and dangerous’

7:09 pm - August 28th 2008

by Sunny Hundal    

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Michael Tomasky is right, John McSame shouldn’t be near the US presidency. This, from an interview just published:

Q: There’s a theme that recurs in your books and your speeches, both about putting country first but also about honor. I wonder if you could define honor for us?
A: Read it in my books.

Q: I’ve read your books.
A: No, I’m not going to define it.

Q: But honor in politics?
A: I defined it in five books. Read my books.

Q: [Your] campaign today is more disciplined, more traditional, more aggressive. From your point of view, why the change?
A: I will do as much as we possibly can do to provide as much access to the press as possible.

Q: But beyond the press, sir, just in terms of …
A: I think we’re running a fine campaign, and this is where we are.

Q: Do you miss the old way of doing it?
A: I don’t know what you’re talking about.

I’m more shocked McCain didn’t answer each question by describing his experience as a Prisoner of War. He does it everywhere else. Tonight, Obama gives his big speech, as three swing states move in his favour.

Update: Funny, Iain Dale doesn’t seem to understand what quotation marks mean. I thought he was supposed to be a good blogger? Plus, he says:

What I am fascinated by is it that a blogger who prentiously [sic] calls his blog Liberal Conspiracy sees a right wing conspiracy where there is none?

Now you know how people on the left feel about the opposite.

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Reader comments

Apparently, he also stated in the interview (though it was not published) that Iraq is “a peaceful, stable country now”.

Unstable, in this context, means “characterised by a lack of control”. Surely noone could watch the “bomb Iran” video and doubt that this applies to McCain? Having asperger syndrome – “being bonkers” for fans of Guido – is to have an autism spectrum disorder that some believe has a genetic basis. Es gibt einen unterschied, jah?

I’m not offended by the latter claim – politicians offend us more than we offend them – but if they’re going to splash it around they could at least give evidence without reference to ‘doctor friends’ or that ever-reliable source, Ali Campbell.

Incidentally, McCain’s new “congrats” video may look classy to some, but it’s actually quite clever. Any sniping in Obama’s speech will now look a shade snide, despite the previous – at least one absolutely dishonest – attack videos.


Evidence of McCain’s lack of emotional control – as I was getting fairly high and mighty – can be found at the Anonymous Liberal, Media Matters and, of course, that video.

Admittedly, a man that screams “fuck you” at John Coryn may just be blessed with the ability to call a spade a spade, but one should note that McCain’s been advised by Henry Kissinger. Besides, I’m told that it isn’t most prudent of diplomatic tactics.


John McCain’s powers of rhetoric need to be publicised more by mainstream media. Contrasting this mumbling, monosyllabic, grumpy, arrogant rubbish with Obama’s decisively delivered acceptance speech at the Democratic convention last night should illustrate to people the potential drudgery (and belligerance) they face with four more Republican years. At the very least, if America votes Democrat, we’ll get some stirring speeches.

I read and re-read the excerpt and there is clearly something here that I am just not getting. A snatch of conversation without any context is difficult enough to gauge, but here we have nothing of substance anyway. McCain had clearly not warmed to the interviewer, and the questions were pathetic, but he wasn’t rude or yielding of anything a critic could fasten on to.

Frankly, if this is the best that you can do then McCain must be a pretty decent bloke.

“I read and re-read the excerpt and there is clearly something here that I am just not getting..”

You can hear the full interview via a link on the Times website. To my ears, he doesn’t sound particular angry but does seem to be dreadfully miserable.


The point is, he’s (almost) a presidential candidate. Acting like a petulant child in interviews betrays a self-importance and arrogance in considering himself above the common man. He didn’t say anything outrageous or ghastly; in fact he nearly didn’t say anything at all. So far I haven’t heard any reports of Obama, Clinton, Romney or even Mike ‘Pastor’ Huckabee telling journalists to shut up and go buy their books.

Incidentally, if you want more than the excerpt gives you, try the link to Time. There’s a longer version, along with an ear-breakingly poor recording from the McCain Plane. It’s not really out of context.

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