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12:54 pm - August 22nd 2008

by Aaron Murin-Heath    

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Welcome to Liberal Conspiracy’s daily review of the web. Late to my desk today; so like a Hobbit eating a doughnut, it’ll be short ‘n’ sweet.

Anton Vowl – Getting all shouty about prime Daily Mail hypocrisy and the dog-muck that is X-Factor. (NSFW)

EconomicsUK – Finally, Britain’s record of economic expansion is at an end. David Smith also mentions that “capital expenditure dropped by 5.3%.” No surprise, as Brown last year slashed tax-relief, intended to encourage infrastructure investment in manufacturing, in order to fund the cut in corporation tax.

Jock Coats – Thinking about practical measures to protect our data.

Sadie’s Tavern – Ms. Smith discusses her daily dose of faux-outrage, courtesy of Dr. Humpers. Just read it, okay?

Military.com – A Vietnam Vet, and fellow POW alongside John McCain, explains why he won’t be voting for the Arizona Senator this November. via.

Olly’s Onions – This is just cheeky.

Okay, that’s all from me. I’ll try and get started earlier tomorrow. Bye. *waves*

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Aaron Murin-Heath is an occasional contributor. He is a writer based in Newark-on-Trent and Tallinn, Estonia. He is both socially and economically liberal. Aaron blogs at tygerland.net.
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“Faux outrage,” Mr Heath? On a scale of one to Jon Craig, I think that one only merits a three, at most..


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