Ernest Borgnine has the secret to eternal youth.

12:30 pm - August 18th 2008

by Jennie Rigg    

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Voting is Open in my Very Prestigious Blog Awards. If you haven’t got a LiveJournal account there’s a tutorial here to logging in to LJ with Open ID (which is ridiculously easy) so that you can vote. One of the nominees has got so excited that she’s gone and delivered an email gauntlet to fellow-nominee Wil Wheaton, which is only adding to the entertainment value as far as I am concerned…

The Heretic considers the impact that the Georgia situation will have on fuel supplies in the Peak Oil group blog.

Steph Ashley is a bit annoyed about the expenses claims made by some Welsh Assembly members.

Our Kingdom continue to examine possible post-Brown futures for Labour.

Political Betting report on some interesting comments made by dear Mr Cameron. Is the mask slipping?

Dreaming of Simplicity looks at the relationship between NICE and the drug companies.

Alex Wilcock has picked out his best posts and ALMOST managed to restrict himself to ten.

And finally, Sexual Intelligence celebrates Ernest Borgnine. Depending on your boss’s sense of humour, this may be NSFW.

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