From Total Politics to Total Burnout

11:46 am - June 23rd 2008

by Jennie Rigg    

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Iain Dale’s Total Politics site has launched, and revealed its editorial team. It’s actually quite interesting, and appears to be very well funded too… Why no, these grapes are sweet and tasty, why’d you ask? (Hat tip, Mark Pack at LDV). Oddly they don’t appear to have linked to us from their political blogs directory, but then, as a top ten political blog we’re hard to miss, and the blog directory is so badly-constructed, it’s possible they have linked to us and I just haven’t found the link

Andrew Rilstone writes about how a writer’s writings are distinct from and yet linked to the writer as a person and that person’s political views. Brilliant post (and not just because he says The Shadow Over Innsmouth is better than The Call of Cthulhu), but does contain rude words: proceed with caution.

PC Bloggs turns her ever-acerbic eye onto government in the latest of her occasional series on 21st Century Policing. If I could make PC Bloggs a Home Office advisor…

Political Betting are wondering if the Labour Party will lose their deposit in Henley.

Lynne Featherstone is a big blubbing girly – and this entry is so lovely it turned me into one too. Get your tissues out, and I won’t tell anyone that you needed them.

BluJay posts in the cheerfully-named So Very Doomed group blog about the difficulties that we in the developed world will have obtaining food if things don’t change drastically and soon.

Slightly Warped
posts pictures of a fire in a cave in Uzbekistan that’s been burning for 5 years (so far) and is known as the Door to Hell. (Hat tip: Neil Gaiman)

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Reader comments

Talking of Total Politics, it would seem that they’re sponsoring PubAffairs’ (a network for lobbyists) summer party.


Liberal Conspiracy would appear to be the Missing Link, then…

I think it is because it is based on the database from the 2007 Blogging Guide, when you didn’t really exist.

Ask, and you will be added – I’m sure.

btw I have a review on the link on my name.

Speaking of links, where is your blogroll?

Blogrolls are so last year. ;o)

I much prefer things like casting the net really. I don’t want to know who is a good read every now and again if they can be bothered to post, I want to know *today* what is worth reading…or what has been a great article in the last month. Definitely the way forward, and the way to keep the blogosphere fresh.

I think the disappearance of blogrolls is quite sad, really. Community, friends etc.

But increasingly design is becoming important and people want minimalism, and if popular blogs accepted every request they got, they’d have pages of links!

Our blog roll will come in the next re-design… promise!

I can’t decide what I think of TP site.

It’s certainly colourful and modern. I’m a bit of a sad design geek, so I would have looked for more identity – colour wise.

Also, there are inconsistencies in the design. Either your branding demands softened edges on squares or strong edges. This seems to go for both. And has random coloured boxes at the foot of the template. Why? Less is more.

Okay, I’m being picky. It doesn’t look bad at all – just needed a tad more discipline with the brand identity.

Liberal Conspiracy will indeed be added as a priority once the CMS is finished (!). The commenter above is right – it is based on the 2007 Guide to Blogging, so there are a number of additions and changes which need to be made.

I appreciate the (mainly!) positive feedback.

Blogpower has a blogroll that tells you when blogs have updated.


Sunny: I don’t envy you doing a blog roll for this place; it’ll be about ten pages long…

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