Casting the Net: Firefox, Vibrators, and the Police

10:39 am - June 16th 2008

by Jennie Rigg    

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Tomorrow is Download Day. I’ve been using the Firefox3 beta for some time now, and I’m very impressed with it. If you’re using IE and fancy giving it a shot, you may as well do it tomorrow and be part of a world record attempt. Click the button for the link:
Download Day 2008

Lynne Featherstone talks about the difficulties of relying on the NHS to provide you with independent movement.

Spirit of 1976 has suddenly discovered an urge to try Khat – why? Because the Tories want to ban it.

The Times has a fascinating article on the history of Vibrators, and how the humble Personal Massager reflects the changing attitude of society to women.

Smash Boredom has a convincing argument that Robert Mugabe is right about something.

PC Bloggs has a very affecting tale of police resources spread too thin. I can’t recommend her blog enough.

And finally, Feminist SF reviews the weekend’s episode of Doctor Who in a rather weary manner.

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Blatant promoting.


Anyone would think you were a Microsoft hater.

Nah. Merely a monopoly hater. It works best on A Windows machine anyway, and it’s mere existence made IE7 and IE8 so much better than they would’ve been.

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