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9:59 am - June 13th 2008

by Aaron Murin-Heath    

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Britain was once a beacon of Liberty. Our writers and thinkers pioneered the very essence of modern Liberalism. And now? Well we’ll probably soon suffer – thanks to this most illiberal and arrogant Labour Government – one of the most authoritarian detention systems in the democratic world. To this long-time – albeit on/off – member of the Labour Party, this is the final straw. There is no point in fighting this cancerous authoritarian ignorance from within, because the leadership has now torn itself from any remaining sinew of hope. Brown has surrounded himself in a bubble of blind loyalty; a cabinet with neither backbone nor capacity. As for David Davis? I quote Mr. Eugenides: “either this man’s a self-important lunatic, or we’re witnessing one of the great principled stands of modern politics.” Now, enough of me, onto the links…

Liberty – Shami Chakrabarti’s statement and Liberty’s points of contention.
Amnesty – Amnesty International UK Director Kate Allen’s statement.
OurKingdom – Anthony Barnett, OpenDemocracy’s founder and editor, ponders a new ally in David Davis.
Iain Weaver – takes a historical look at other MP’s who have put their career on the line for principle.
Chicken Yoghurt – Justin swings both ways as he weighs up Davis’ resignation.
Labour Outlook – has quotes and links-aplenty from around the media. Including news that Labour won’t stand against DD, with the view to making the Tories appear soft on terrorism. *sigh*
BlairWatch – Brown played every dirty trick in the book to win the vote. And he’s not done yet.
The Guardian – has news that Kelvin MacKenzie, a brain-dead spunkmonkey of the highest order, may stand against DD with the backing of Rupert Murdoch. Now my children, we must unite to fight this evil.

Quick! Someone release the flying monkeys…

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Aaron Murin-Heath is an occasional contributor. He is a writer based in Newark-on-Trent and Tallinn, Estonia. He is both socially and economically liberal. Aaron blogs at
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