11:26 am - June 12th 2008

by Lee Griffin    

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Welcome to the Thursday edition of Casting the Net, the round up of the last 24 hours of political blogging. And what else could dominate the list of links today other than the victory by Brown and his government on the issue of 42 days, by only 9 votes, 36 Labour rebels after 5 hours of debate. That’s so many numbers Carol Vorderman must be getting flustered just thinking of it. On to the review!

Obsolete – Septicisle thinks that there are definite positives to take from yesterdays result, a bloody nose for Brown perhaps?
Devils Kitchen – DK on the other hand is not so happy.
Comment Is Free – on CiF they feel a little disappointed about how the result came about.
Stephen’s Linlithgow Journal – Stephen is a little more placid about the whole situation, asking as many of us are about the DUP.
Centre Right – So perhaps you never though the LC would link to Centre Right? This time they’re talking sense, David Davies *was* superb and very liberal.
Program your own mind – And then there are my personal views on the events of yesterday for your pleasure also.
Neil Harding Blog – But wait! Not everyone is blogging about the events of yesterday, Neil is bitterly looking at his own party wishing for better.

Casting Back:
The Observer – The 12th of June 1999 marked a change in the war in Kosovo…the Observer once upon a time had a look deeper.

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Lee is a 20 something web developer from Cornwall now residing in Bristol since completing his degree at the lesser university. He has strange dreams, a big appetite, a small flat, and when not forcing his views on the world he is probably eating a cookie. Lee blogs independently from party colours at Program your own mind.
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Neil Harding and DK in the same review. Talk about unhappy bedfellows. ;o)

Centre Right?

*holds nose, clicks link*

Wow and I get a mispelt link.

It’s Stephen’s Linlithgow Journal Lee, he types remaining placid.

🙁 I’m sorry, I’ll call the hounds to drag me through the fields without my shirt on. Obviously in a bit too much of a rush with it today!

NPs Lee

David Davis resigns to contest his by-election with civil liberties at the heart of his campaign. See video of his statement on BBC.

Stephen Glenn,

Don’t blame Lee. Blame the editor…


Not quite move the ‘s from the second word to the first and we’re there 🙂

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