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8:59 pm - May 28th 2008

by Aaron Murin-Heath    

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Eagle-eyed readers may have noticed that I have recruited additional writers to help me with the daily web review.

I have personally compiled the daily web review since Liberal Conspiracy was launched last year. I’ve very much enjoyed it, but I’m also keen to bring a fresh perspective to the review, and I’m sure that the bloggers I have assembled will do just that. You’ll probably know them from their contributions to the comments, but I’d like to introduce them nevertheless ::

Douglas Johnson is the editor of Scribo Ergo Sum, a prickly group blog that seems to piss-off all the right people. Douglas is also a member of the Green Party, and contributed to Siân Berry’s mayoral campaign.

Jennie Rigg is a “barmaid with a law degree”. Jennie is also a long-time geek and a complete Dr. Who nut. An outspoken proponent of Classical Liberalism with a super-sensitive bullshit detector, she writes the LiveJournal blog, The Yorksher Gob.

Lee Griffin has been blogging for many a year, and maintains the highly-informed blog, Programme Your Own Mind. He’s a former student union president – but we at LC will try not to hold it against him. Lee is also one of the brains behind the excellent series of animations, Politalks.

Each of the new writers brings their own style and reading list to the role, and I myself will continue to edit and write one or two editions each week. I hope you’ll join me in welcoming them to the team.

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Aaron Murin-Heath is an occasional contributor. He is a writer based in Newark-on-Trent and Tallinn, Estonia. He is both socially and economically liberal. Aaron blogs at
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Reader comments

Sweet 🙂

2. douglas clark


Just to say thanks. Personally, I found your round up entertaining and thought provoking. And I’m glad you are still going to contribute.

Best of luck in Estonia – you’re likely to meet yet another huge bunch of Scots that never made it home from a World Cup game. Argentina has Gaelic as a second language, not! Well, yet, anyway….

I was wondering where you went, Aaron! If you need another writer/rounder-upper, I am bored and happy to help!

* cackle *

Well, you’ve certainly given me an intro to live up to! I, too, am glad you’re going to stay on, albeit in reduced form. TBH, it’s impressive you lasted as long as you did doing it on your own. And YAY for diversity!

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