What is Nadine Dorries MP’s real agenda? (pt 4)

11:00 am - May 16th 2008

by Sunny Hundal    

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1) Consistency is not really her strong point, Bookdrunk said yesterday when Unity blogged the amendments Tory MPs are proposing to the HFE Bill. There’s Mr Edward Leigh supporting amendments to reduc the limit to 12, 14 or 16 weeks and there’s Nadine Dorries supporting reducing the limit to 20 weeks and 16 weeks! Is she not conviced by her own arguments?

But you see, that isn’t her ultimate agenda and neither is it of these other mysogynist MPs.

Dorries herself actually favours a reduction down to 9 weeks. No really, we’re not lying because she admitted it herself (via Unity).

And if Nadine Dorries is so pro-choice, as she keeps complaining, why is she so anti-Emily’s List, as the NHS blog doctor quite rightly asks. Cue the silence from Iain Dale and Tim Montgomerie

2) You’ll find this even more scary. The chair of the pro-life group of MPs, Jim Dobbin, is a supporter of Nadine Dorries’ campaign. The pro-life group is also behind the Passion for Life campaign. His view:

Jim Dobbin, chairman of the pro-life group of MPs, said he would like to see the current limit halved. “We would like there to be a number of amendments where you can start from a lower limit, say 13 weeks,” he said.

These people really can’t make up their mind eh?

And what else does he say?

That is another issue, for another debate, but my personal view is against contraception.

And these people are supposed to be our elected representatives!!

3) Oh and then there’s the Christian Medical Fellowship, which is supporting many of the earlier mentioned campaigns.

Dr Peter Saunders, general secretary of the Christian Medical Fellowship, said his group was supporting 20 weeks as a first step. “It gets a lot of people on board and gets us on the way,” he said. “We have to realise we are in for a very long battle here.”

With lots of science abuse, not doubt. Don’t worry Dr Saunders, we’re organising for the long haul too.

4) Then there’s Christian Action on Research and Education (CARE), also a partner on many of these campaigns. This is published on their website:

Pro-Life parliamentarians and the Christian Charity CARE have expressed great concern at the passing of the Resolution ‘Legal Abortion in Europe’ by the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (Strasbourg) yesterday (April 16th) by 102 votes to 69 with 14 abstentions. Among other things, the Resolution claims that women have a right to access safe and legal abortion, and calls on all member states to decriminalise abortion ‘within reasonable gestational limits’.

Bring back the coathanger! (via septicisle)

5) The pro-life alliance want to ban abortion entirely.

All these groups and people are supported by the Passion For Life and the Alive and Kicking. In other words, supporters of the people funding Nadine Dorries’ campaigns want to ban abortion entirely.

And yet she still claims to be pro-choice? Who actually believes it?

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Any campaign will bring together people with varying opinions. Around here it seems some of us want to keep the limit at 24 weeks, some to raise it to 26, some want it even higher. Why is it any surprise to see similar differences of opinion on the other side of the fence?

Besides, the 20 weeks campaign haven’t made any secret that some of their supporters want much lower/tighter limits on abortion.

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