HF&E Abortion-related Amendments

10:20 am - May 15th 2008

by Unity    

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Not 100% sure what delights Sunny has in store for everyone today…

(‘Sunny delights’, GEDDIT!!! – Sorry, bit of a Glenda moment there, only to be expected when you’re monitoring Dorries)

…but in the mean time, the list of amendments to be debated on 20th May is mounting up, necessitating an update.

As far as the upper time limit for abortion goes, the current list (with sponsors) looks like this:

12 weeks Edward Leigh
14 weeks Edward Leigh
16 weeks Mark Pritchard, Sir Nicholas Winterton, Mr David Drew, Mr Desmond Swayne, Keith Vaz, David Taylor, Mrs Nadine Dorries, Mr Julian Brazier, Ann Winterton, Tim Farron, Mr Edward Leigh, Damian Green, Jim Dobbin, Geraldine Smith, Miss Ann Widdecombe, Angela Watkinson
18 weeks Claire Curtis-Thomas
20 weeks Nadine Dorries

Claire Curtis-Thomas and Daniel Kawczynski have also put forward a complete abomination of an ‘informed consent’ clause which would require women to be offered counselling by a health care professional but informed of:

the embryonic and foetal development at two weekly intervals and the physical, psychological and psychiatric risks associated with the termination of pregnancy, including a description of the methods of termination at different stages of pregnancy and any risks associated with such methods

In addition to being given:

the contact details of adoption services and other sources of help and advice, (including information on any disability or abnormality that the pregnant woman’s embryo or foetus is at risk of suffering from if born).

It’s an interesting ‘take’ on ‘informed’ consent, as it requires women to sit through an entirely unethical attempt to persuade them to change their mind, while counselling support is merely an optional extra.

Obviously, the ‘Awwwww, look at the cuuuuuute baaaaaby’ clause needs to be opposed as the only ‘informed’ element in it is that the clause informs us of the identity of another pair of parliamentary arseholes.

And if that’s not enough to slake your thirst for information, let me chuck in a little plug for the latest episode of Debunking Dorries over at the Ministry, where you’ll encounter the truth about Dorries’ claims that Britain is at risk of becoming the abortion capital of Europe and that we have most liberal abortion laws in Europe, plus all the usual bits of creative swearing and alter boy gags.

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Reader comments

altar boy.

Also, congrats!

So Dorries is campaigning for 20 weeks but has happily signed on to support 16 weeks. What an enormous surprise. /sarcasm

Why does Edward Leigh support 12, 14 and 16 weeks? Can’t he make up his mind?

…and why does Little Dorries support 20 weeks and 16 weeks but not 18?

Well this has convinced me to go to the protest on 20th May. These people want a return to a society of unwanted children, fine, when are they going to tell me how they’re going to fund the orphanages? And frankly the benefits for carers are astoundingly low, people are already on the breadline, they need to give them money to live on if they’re going to force people to give birth to and care for disabled children. I don’t care if that sounds insensitive, it’s just the truth.

If anything, this only exposes the true Tory agenda.

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