The top ten Boris videos

7:59 pm - April 28th 2008

by Sunny Hundal    

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I’ve never seen so many videos against a candidate for a British election. If there’s one thing the Mayor elections has shown, its that there are plenty of creative Boris-stoppers out there.

Of course I couldn’t limit this list only to ten. If there’s any important ones you think I’ve missed out, let us know in the comments. This list also includes the Kate Nash ‘dickhead remix’ that was taken off YouTube!

Thanks to Stop Boris and Tory Troll for many of the links.


1) We need a leader not a joker

2) The Rainbow edition of Newsnight debate

3) Back This?

4) What are you hiding from Boris?

5) Boris Johnson: Political giant!

6) LibDems: Who wants this idiot back?

7) What is Boris Johnson doing at 3am?


1) Boris Johnson, dickhead – Kate Nash remix (originally taken off YouTube)

2) I think I fancy Boris

3) Stop Boris – Lily Allen remix

4) Boris Johnson’s reputation (male, Kate Nash remix)


1) Boris Johnson ‘speculates’ on Newsnight

2) Boris Johnson terminated by Shawarzenneger

3) Boris Johnson and the Elephant Trap (beating up a journalist)

Feel free to spread the love and share them on your blogs! Oh and if I’ve missed any out, please let me know in the comments.

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Reader comments

Great round-up!

There’s one other song by the bloke behind the Dickhead video and the Kate Nash rewrite – based on Friday I’m In Love by the Cure. It’s here:

(I’m not a disinterested party here as I did create the video to accompany the song after said bloke sent it to me as an MP3, presumably ’cause he’d had enough of making videos after his other two quality efforts!)

Hahah great! I was going to do this for PP! 😀

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