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Casting the net – The Derek “Pocket-money” Conway special

2:06 pm - January 29th 2008

by Aaron Murin-Heath    

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Welcome to Casting the net, Liberal Conspiracy’s daily web review. As always, please feel free to share your own recommendations in the comments section.

Guardian – Tory MP facing suspension ‘paid another son’
Derek Conway has paid his son more than £40,000 of taxpayers money – during which time junior was at university. A second son was given £32,000 while also at uni. Conway’s chum, Iain Dale, is getting all hissy because anonymous commenters are goading him on his blog. No comment.

Quaequam Blog! – Derek Conway and the passions of Iain Dale
James Graham tackles conman Conway.

PoliticalHackUK – Imagine, if you will
As does the Hack.

Bob Piper – Stand by your man
Bob is more interested in Mr. Dale’s silence.

Conservative Home – Cameron makes the wrong choice on Conway
The Tories do their nut as Slippery Dave sits on his hands.

Charlie Brooker/CiF – A rogue trader loses £3.7bn. Further proof that the stock market is nothing more than a fantasy world
Last week’s Société Générale scandal just proves what a crock the stock market is.

Bloggerheads – MessageSpace is distributing copyrighted material without permission
Guido gets all legal, again (see comments).

The Diary of Chris K – MP faces child assault investigation
Not a good few days for David Cameron as another Tory MP hits the headlines.

westmonster – Florida’s two-ring circus
The Sunshine State goes to the polls. Westmonster has the rub.

The Existentialist Cowboy – A Genius, A Saint, and SCOTUS Agree: Conspiracies Exist!
Having spent decades talking about the great communist conspiracy, rightwingers now dismiss conspiracies and ridicule those who challenge the status quo.

Cassilis – Hari on Amis…
New Humanist Blog – Islam’s scientific golden age
donpaskini – Skillz
Neil Harding – The Final Nail In British Democracy.
Jonathan Fryer – Europe’s Growing Liberal Family
Mars Hill – Derek Conway
Martin Gill/LDV – Opinion: Choosing our Judges
Omar’s Blog – Latest poll sees boost in support for Ken
Dave Winer – Find a shared vision, v2.0

If you would like your blog or site to be considered as source material for future reviews, drop me an email at aaronh [at] liberalconspiracy [dot] org with the relevant url. I can then enter it into my RSS reader and monitor it for suitable content to be included. Likewise, if you have a specific article/post you feel deserves a little more traffic, get in touch.

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Aaron Murin-Heath is an occasional contributor. He is a writer based in Newark-on-Trent and Tallinn, Estonia. He is both socially and economically liberal. Aaron blogs at
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