Casting the net – Rightwing revisionism, and the left fighting back

12:57 pm - January 21st 2008

by Aaron Murin-Heath    

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Welcome to Casting the net, Liberal Conspiracy’s daily web review. As always, please feel free to share your own recommendations in the comments section. Casting the net will brief this week (even if I get chance to post everyday), as I have a lot of work on.

Paul Krugman/NYT – Debunking the Reagan Myth
Here in the UK we have to suffer the constant revisionism of Thatcher, framed by a gaggle of slavish rightwing hacks and bloggers. Likewise in the States, progressives have to tolerate a constant barrage of books and articles lionising Ronald Reagan; a President whose administration was so entrenched in corporatism, America’s mighty military machine and its secret services were mobilised at their behest. Krugman, angry at Barack Obama’s apparent acceptance of the Reagan Myth, unravels the newly established wisdom that the Average Joe prospered under the Hollywood president.

Tom Griffin – Smearing Livingstone: The latest episode from neocon TV
Griffin is suspicious of Martin Bright’s links with Dean Godson (of Policy Exchange) and of his recent attack on Red Ken. It’s conspiratorial, but interesting nonetheless.

Dave Osler – In defence of Socialist Action. Sort of.
Have you spotted today’s theme yet?

Alan Dershowitz/Huffington Post – Huckabee’s Confusion Over the Ten Commandments and the Constitution
Mike Huckabee thinks America’s godless constitution needs the bible and that the Ten Commandments have never been revised. Huck needs to go back to divinity school, so says Dershowitz.

Conor’s Commentary – Anatomy of a ‘gaffe’ in today’s press
Jacqui Smith’s uber-gaff is everywhere on the blogosphere, including here.

westmonster- Portrait artist selection process
Jonathon Yeo, Tim’s laddie and Tony Blair’s new portrait artist, thinks our former PM is enjoying the struggles of his successor.

New Humanist Blog – Prince Charles fond of “proper fundamentalism”
Rumbold/Pickled Politics – British subject wants to change some British laws
Freemania – Thinking uncharitable thoughts
Rachel North – Spooks and being spooked
Chris Dillow – Our feudal economy
normblog – Fund for Burmese refugees and migrants
Wit & Wisdom – Improved Security Through The UN? It’s a long shot but it just might work.
Stuart King – The cost of food
Chris Paul – Guido Fawkes: Boris Johnson Pants Down Fixation

If you would like your blog or site to be considered as source material for future reviews, drop me an email at aaronh [at] liberalconspiracy [dot] org with the relevant url. I can then enter it into my RSS reader and monitor it for suitable content to be included. Likewise, if you have a specific article/post you feel deserves a little more traffic, get in touch.

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4. Fawkes is a tory party black op

It is on the mirror and the telegraph Guido a is secret stooge of tory party HQ. He has been found out due to a letter he sent which had a tory party legal disclaimer on it. Guido is Tory party black op.

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