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Latest Iowa Poll

7:47 am - December 31st 2007

by Alan Thomas    

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A new poll taken in Iowa has John Edwards leading the field, Hillary Clinton’s vote falling, and a surprising late surge from Bill Richardson. Looks like there’s still everything to play for.

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About the author
Alan Thomas is a regular contributor to Liberal Conspiracy. He is a blogger, a political activist and a lay member of Unite-TGWU. His main interests outside of UK left politics are in Turkey, Kurdistan and the USA. And is also always delighted to write about wine and fine food when he's in less of an intellectual mood. Also at: Shiraz Socialist
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Reader comments

These polls are all over the place… every day I see about two polls. I hope Obama or Edwards win.

Hasn’t Edwards pretty much lived in Iowa for the past two years?

Another poll has Obama widening his lead.

Oh, and don’t forget the nuclear option… Michael Bloomberg.

The US people are so utterly disenfranchised by their K-Street lovin’ politicians, they may just vote none-of-the-above and go for the almost perfect solution that is Mike B. Think about it, could the approval rating for congress or the senate be any lower? Clearly neither the Dems nor the GOP have the faith of the majority – so could a solid-gold winner like Bloomberg throw the election off kilter?

Hey, the guy could drop millions into a campaign without a second thought.

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